The Baseline Lesson

There comes a certain point that one must close instead of opening Bring the research to its inevitably incomplete point and Recoil: Sum it up, synthesize what is at hand, conclude.   Otherwise it will go on forever— the search for the perfect baseline can repeat into infinity Continue reading


One time before the 2004 election I was hanging out with the delightful Julius Schulman at the MAK Center and he was telling everyone how he got a donation solicitation from the Republican party and so then he attached a penny to it with scotch-tape and mailed it back to them in the provided stamped … Continue reading

Arbeit Monamour

I spend my early teen years swooning over novels, films and the music of genius—soaking in it my existential pain until crisis knocked at 16 and I faced reality. Talented, individualistic and bright enough to admit that I, unfortunately, am not one, I resolved to substitute genius with hard work. Who would have thunk that … Continue reading


As we stood outside the pool in formation in Rumania in 1977 listening to the extremely scary instructor my heart was just racing. Thank god I knew how to swim, the Olympic-sized pool looked cold and enormous. Indeed, sometime in the middle of class my hypothesis was confirmed. With a loud whistle we were all … Continue reading

Consciousness Raising

Before my mom started privately tutoring English we didn’t have very much money, so instead of attending a fancy painting class on the top of the mountain I took the bus to the old part town, where, upon portfolio-based admittance, classes were free at the municipal extra-curricular center. My gifted fellow students were minorities and … Continue reading