#13, jakarta   mums create avalanches expectations childgoodhood in extremis a pond, a lake even, a river flowing upwards no shitbox a whole nation catering to whims roll call multivitamins no energy drinks i want to get us out to a savannah a burning star the tip of your shoulder tops. Continue reading


#12, jakarta     everything’s M.I.A. these days the possibility of you and me growing a vegetable garden in a nuclear universe i want to grow carrot cakes! i will eat them with you all day! and mash them on yr face and you mash them on mine when we’re bored with the green apocalyptic … Continue reading

approaching death, i climbed the electric stairs to a gilded meditation room in the sacred temple at west lake

#10, jakarta in the year 1058 before christian bale men were born with sword-y incisors and identikit jawlines they roam around waterholes and at the tops of waterfalls inhaling the miasma like crazy in the darkness of the full moon spring blossoms like butterless popcorns an old chinese poet scoured his temple for a hairpin Continue reading