the asphalt is an asphalt and my knee is a knee. i run on the knees of our future. our future is somebody else’s room. the room is a fish bowl. the bowl is the hole on the asphalt. the asphalt is where my knee becomes the asphalt and the asphalt becomes my knee. a second … Continue reading

potong kue

di atas meja makan semua terjadi secara bersamaan: ibu mengunyah pempek aku menyobek risol mayones ayah mengelap piring dengan serbet ayah bicara serius ibu mengunyah ikan roa dengan nasi aku menjawab serius ibu ingin tahu lebih banyak ayah bilang nggak usah detil-detil, yang penting pergi ke ahli kami memotong kue ulang tahun ayah aku foto-foto … Continue reading

sound level

18:07 41 db the sound of cars driving past 8 storeys below, not one of the electronics turned on, someone’s brushing his teeth inside the bathroom in front of the room, the door’s closed, water pours 08:27 51 db the sound of the train station sirene wailing, an elevator door opens, footsteps 11:11 74 db … Continue reading


set wardrobe breakfast cig break make up lights retouch direct action cut action cut action cut action cut action cut action cut action cut agency’s comment client’s comment snacks action cut comment action cut snacking snacking line pop take pictures on the set snacking lunch snacking dinner snacking line pop snacking take pictures on another … Continue reading

new lock

the front door is now only opens with our fingerprints the lock is hidden between fake grass hangs over our heads this office suddenly feels more like an office I see more people making creative templates they’re bored and unhappy and they want to make money and they want to feed their families and they … Continue reading