Udine is a small town in Friuli, Northern Italy and has a street named after the poet and film director Pier Paolo Pasolini. He was born in a small village, Casarsa, nearby. For decades the Pier Paolo Pasolini Street was a wide road with an abrupt and unexpected dead end in the middle of nowhere. … Continue reading

Munich, 23.50

The story I was told today sounds like a Richard Prince joke – alas it’s not. A painting student presented serigraphs she printed to her professor. The man, a painter, dismissed the serial character of the work and ripped it apart before her eyes. He sardonically cracked on, ‘surely she will have “a copy” of … Continue reading

London 23.55

Hatte richtig Bauchschmerzen vor dem Treffen. Das erste Wort, ein Vorwurf. O mano! Hab mich echt zusammengerissen. Die Povokationen ignoriert. Hat sich dann etwas entspannt. Haben uns auf einiges geeinigt, auch Päne gemacht und action plan. Als ich nach Hause lief, war ich ganz wohlgemut. Jetzt aber, denke ich:  Au weia, der Karren steckt ganz … Continue reading

London, 23.55

I had annual brain suction today. No brain left. Unfortunately. I am awaiting a new one from amazon. But this delivery is on super saver. 7-8 days. Once i will have received it, unwrapped it and wired it up into my head, you can expect intelligent things from me again on this blog. Continue reading