The Straits Times, 4 Dec 1912

In a case of matrimonial misfit, Ethel, a nurse, and Bryan, a surveyor, applied for and received judicial separation from the Supreme Court. She retains custody of their children, and does not after all have to contribute to their support from her salary. A theatre-goer suggests a cloakroom system similar to the theatres of note … Continue reading


They were Chinese citizens, making a living in Singapore as bus drivers. They staged a strike to protest their low wages relative to other nationalities, and poor living conditions. They were not unionised. The incident was referred to in the media variously as “industrial action”, “refusal to go to work”, “protest” etc. etc. since strikes … Continue reading

it is time

to take yourself to task to check that the clocks — now a minute ahead, now a second behind, now stopped, now dim — are in sync to ask the questions you have been waiting to ask to choose an ink to wait to move on to hesitate to storyboard Babylon to shift perspective to … Continue reading

A better place

“What took you so long?” is the first thing Mega’s mother says to her when she arrives in the Afterlife. “Now we can play mahjong properly.” “I was busy,” Mega explains. “Stuff to do before I died.” “Nonsense. What’s there to do down there that you can’t do here? I’ll get everyone over to celebrate. … Continue reading


Tomorrow – a Singapore Writer’s Festival gig where we celebrate the connection between our writing and the music we listen to. Tonight – thinking about what to read tomorrow; a new poem on equivalences, in Chinese; rain; the intermittent drone of a car with the engines left running for the airconditioning.   Thoughts from my … Continue reading