Don’t Go Changin’ by Joanie Fritz Zosike

“Daddy, Daddy,” says the 63-year-old woman not without emotion. Daddy. Hospitalized on Christmas morning, released today, December 28. Three days of utter confusion and discomfort for him. Three days of uncertainty for the family. Now released for palliative home care. We are entering another phase. “Daddy, Daddy,” I whisper into his ear from 3100 miles … Continue reading

How to Change the Mayan Calendar by Joanie Fritz

It’s almost that anticipated date, the Winter Solstice. All day today I’ve been struggling with technology and bureaucracy and lousy manufacturing standards and crappy transit service after unspeakably unfair fare hikes just approved yesterday. And then there was rehearsal of A Christmas Carol, everyone’s carol, as our workshop presentation presents itself. Everyone’s Carol, exploring the … Continue reading