Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strain) by Joanie Fritz Zosike

Said David Bowie. And he had it right. “Turn and face the strain.”

What am I to say. I guess I cannot stay. Back to Californ-eye-aye. Facing the fading fast. The fulsome New York scene. Maybe on Hollywood Boulevard you could see a grand dame like the one below. But I won’t be getting anywhere near Hollywood Boulevard. I will be waking Daddy in Van Nuys, praying for him to wake each day. Watching life play its scene. The family cleaves together. Gathering force. Snow drives me away from my NY state of mind. “It’ll be warmer here,” Mom says, and indeed it will, for there are more hugs and kisses back home than here. My little house, I hate to leave you once again.

The year will end soon. 2013 is imminent. I head upstate tomorrow to pass the turning of the wheel. A nature movie on the tube strikes resonance. Big cats and birds who are prey. A slithering snake strikes the lion kitten and the scene blacks out. The other kitten runs away and is lost in the storm. The sad balance of life. The mama cat searches for her still-living baby. The little meows of the big kitten. The fierce splendid clouds of Africa. Survival. Crossing 14th Street in her spots, she lives to see the other side of the divide.

Leopard woman on 14th St, NYC. Photo: Joanie Fritz Zosike

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