the asphalt is an asphalt and my knee is a knee. i run on the knees of our future. our future is somebody else’s room. the room is a fish bowl. the bowl is the hole on the asphalt. the asphalt is where my knee becomes the asphalt and the asphalt becomes my knee. a second … Continue reading


#12, jakarta     everything’s M.I.A. these days the possibility of you and me growing a vegetable garden in a nuclear universe i want to grow carrot cakes! i will eat them with you all day! and mash them on yr face and you mash them on mine when we’re bored with the green apocalyptic … Continue reading

all the places i went on december 17th 2012 / tous les endroits où je me suis rendu le 17 décembre 2012

40.7603704 N, 73.9912534 W 40.7112524 N, 74.00903649999998 W 40.7124833 N, 74.0096201 W 40.712363 N, 74.00842799999998 W 40.7131601 N, 74.00638889999999 W 40.7113646 N, 74.00513180000001 W 40.7113811 N, 74.00537280000003 W 40.7113646 N, 74.00513180000001 W 40.7073993 N, 74.01020879999998 W 40.7068599 N, 74.01112810000001 W 40.7034081 N, 74.0115212 W 40.7014641 N, 74.01319849999999 W 40.644169 N, 74.072201 W 40.606467 N, 74.09808900000001 … Continue reading